Two Rivers Music Festival


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Stampede String Band

On a fateful day in a weary city, two ex-rockers met at a Steak and Shake over a couple of Frisco melts and shakes. They had come together, two like minded strangers, to plot an expedition into a rugged country, a place miles away from commercial radio, some place off the grid of manufactured music.
Aaron Nicely and Kyle Buck knew they wanted a driving acoustic act, something that tied to the older and harsher world of bluegrass and roots music, but it was unfamiliar terrain, so they invited John Bahler along on the trip as a guide.
When things really got rolling, they added Davey Avenatti to fill out the sound, and since the four of them have come together, the Stampede String Band has become one of the hottest bands in the state of Indiana. They’ve stumbled onto a powerful blend of roots and rock, of tradition and creativity, and of honesty and energy that has struck a chord with thousands of listeners.
Because they weren't the only ones with a vision. While they thought they were heading into uncharted territory, at every step they have found fellow pilgrims. They have found that the modern world is full of people who have grown weary of manufactured culture, and who have already set out on a quest for a life that’s true, or honest, or simple, or humble.
So far the journey has been incredible. It’s been a lot of sweat and hard work, but it’s been the deepest kind of pleasure.
Three Years Waiting is a celebration of the journey, and in every note you can feel the anticipation of what lies ahead. That rumbling in your bones is a sure sign that this is gonna be big.
Thanks for joining the Stampede.

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